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2009-07-20 10:34:57 by AT908

I have been coming on newgrounds for a number of years but only just decided to create an account. I don't know why I decided to create a membership now, maybe its so I can save my achievements that will give my time wasting a sense of validation. I would like to start contributing though who knows what could come of it. I'm no artist and my comprehension of flash is basic, so I don't see myself submitting movies or games in the foreseeable future, but I have spent years creating music, either digitally or with bands, i am also an accomplished Studio Engineer and have even done a small amount of DJ-ing in the past so I am going to try my hand at creating music for artists to use in their games.

I would relish the opportunity to collaborate on projects with people but I think I will have to earn a reputation first, I will submit my music as and when I create a new piece. The first one is from a project I did for college, I had to create a section of music for a retro style game. I used an entireley MIDI sound to get that retro sound and based the tune around the theme tune from Tetris. I will post it as soon as i've finished typing this.

Thats all I have to say really, feel free to say hello or ask anything.


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